Psychosocial counselling

Des suivis individuels sont offerts gratuitement aux jeunes de 13 à 25 ans. The goal of these sessions is tailored to the needs of youth. You can gain a better understanding of mental health problems, develop self-care strategies, set boundaries, clarify your role, and determine your scope of influence. These sessions provide young people with a safe environment where they can express themselves without judgment, discuss their experiences and explore their emotions. One-on-one youth counselling sessions may be attended in-person or on Zoom. The frequency and duration of these sessions are based on the needs and availability of participants.

Pour consulter le calendrier de programmation, cliquez ici.

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Les enjeux vécus par les jeunes proches aidants (13 à 25 ans)

mercredi 16 mars de 9h à 10h et le jeudi 17 mars de 12h à 13h

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