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AQPAMM offers training and support services for HR professionals and managers so they can develop the right tools for their organization.

We help our clients to identify and use the most relevant mechanisms and activities in order to yield maximum benefit for their business and employees. Our services are built on a solution-oriented approach that prioritizes training in key strategic skills.

To determine the training and/or coaching plan that best suits your needs, we’ll work with you to conduct a diagnostic assessment and design a customized program.



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Training Services:

  • Workplace relationships

  • Leave of absence for psychological reasons

Support services:

  • Tailored to a client’s reality

To expand our social mission and reach even more people, we have broadened our scope of activity to include mental health issues in the workplace.


An empathetic ecosystem: mental health is everyone’s business and each individual has a role to play in promoting the psychological well-being of their colleagues.


We train and equip HR professionals and managers to work with employees who are experiencing psychological problems.


AQPAMM believes that a psychologically healthy, employee-centred ecosystem offers unlimited potential:
it builds trust among individuals, fosters employee fulfilment and job satisfaction, boosts team spirit, and leads to increased efficiency, productivity, loyalty and employee engagement.

Our approach combines training in management and psycho-education, with proven methods that help foster a culture of psychological well-being at work, starting with an organization’s key players. We tackle issues from every angle, using a two-pronged approach (management and psychosocial).

Taking into account the realities of the modern workplace, we help our clients build healthy and productive relationships, drawing on their experience and knowledge while ensuring the confidentiality of any information they share. Our commitment to privacy is
outlined HERE

To determine the training and/or coaching plan that best suits your needs,we’ll work with you to conduct a diagnostic assessment anddesign a customized program.

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Le Groupe Entreprises en Santé présente un webinaire gratuit pour les professionnels.

L’objectif de ce webinaire n’est pas tant de parler de quoi faire pour soutenir un collaborateur en difficulté psychologique, mais du comment bien le faire. Les 3 principales actions vont être expliquées durant ces 30 minutes:

  • Action 1: Reconnaître la détresse psychologique
  • Action 2: « Être » et communiquer
  • Action 3: Agir

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